Striking Post    —     June/July 2018

Striking Post    —     June/July 2018
Well it has been several weeks since our summer camp in Halifax NS. It was very well attended with over 70 participants from across Canada. 
I would say it was a great success and a huge congratulations goes out to Mitchell German Sensei and his team for pulling it all together. It was
 touch and go for a bit with not being able to nail down the venue but it all worked out in the end. It was a beautiful, brand new training space at 
Dalhousie Campus.
The weather co-operated for our kobujitsu training in the park. The harbour dinner cruise was a big hit as was the local entertainment at The 
Lower Deck Pub. A big thank you to Taneda Sensei for taking time away from his family to provide us with top notch instruction. For many here 
on the East Coast it was the first time they had the opportunity to train with sensei and they were not disappointed. A big thank you as well to Gary 
Sabean Sensei and Armand Martin Sensei for supporting this event and sharing their knowledge. Also, thank you to Ryan O`Neil and Trysten 
Deveau for sharing their kumite talents with the many eager karate-kas who took part in the elite kumite sessions. And lets not forget a thank you 
to Toren Hynes for the informative tour of the Dalhousie science lab! You certainly don`t get that at every summer camp!
Aside from the camp we took advantage of the opportunity to kick start our ICKF-Canada organization. Most of the key players were in town 
and so a meeting was called. I am pleased to say that Jason Farquarson of Northern Rockies Karate is our new President, and Doug Chetwynd of 
Mukashi Karate is the Vice President. Nancy Rosnes has graciously agreed to stay on as secretary/treasurer.
Congratulations to our new executive !
At this meeting it was also decided to form an Advisory Council to oversee the affairs of the organization:
Chair    Chris Taneda Sensei         7th dan, Kyoshi      BC
   Robert Lee Sensei            7th dan, Kyoshi      BC
   Mitchell German Sensei   6th dan, Renshi      NS
   Milton Bourque Sensei     5th dan, Renshi      NS
   Armand Martin Sensei      5th dan, Renshi      PEI
   Gary Sabean Sensei           5th dan, Shihan      ALTA
These individuals represent the highest ranking and most senior members of ICKF-Canada. I have great confidence that they will be able to provide 
the level of leadership required to ensure that our Chito-ryu remains technically strong and that our affiliation with Soke will be maintained. This 
strong foundation will enable us to continue to spread Chito-ryu across the country “From Sea to Shining Sea”
Also keep an eye out for our new ICKF-Canada website which will hopefully be up and running in the next few weeks or so!
All in all, exciting stuff !!
Milton Bourque