STRIKING POST — January 2021

STRIKING POST — January 2021

Here we are at the beginning of a new year once again. I must say I have mixed feelings as I look back on the last 12 months. It has been difficult in many ways especially when it comes to relationships and the lack of human contact. I think for me this has been the most difficult aspect of our “new reality”.

On the bright side, there are several new groups that have sprung up on the internet. Most notably the “Chito-ryu instructors Dojo” established by Peter Giffen Sensei which has enabled Chito-ryu karatekas of every affiliation to connect and share ideas. I think this is wonderful, and it has allowed me to make some new friends and indeed spark up some old friendships. I am looking forward to being able to do some partner work and try out some of the ideas that have been generously shared in this group as well as perhaps share some of my own ideas.

As far as some direction for this year`s training; I think we will continue along the same lines as last year. We will be continuing our Kobudo training and looking to add Maeshiro no tekko to the syllabus. I think that it may be a good idea at this point to prepare a kobudo video and send to Soke and/or Higuchi Sensei for a critique. Just to help keep us on track.

I am pleased with how our review of the katas is progressing with adjustments made in the areas of timing and ma. I would like to continue these types of adjustments for all the katas. Also, as soon as we are permitted under covid-19 rules, we need to review all our bunkai sets.

As long as Sensei Doug is willing, we will continue our jr. program. We need to buckle down a bit to prepare the kids for their next gradings. I also think we should go ahead with our plans to host a virtual competition, hopefully by the end of January or early February. This will encourage the students to work on their kata while at the same time it will give me an opportunity to train the adults on how to judge kata.

Personally, my priorities for the coming year are:

  • increase my personal training
  • continue to guide students and assist them to reach their goals
  • Make every effort to Promote Chito-ryu to the best of my ability

I encourage each one of you to set your own goals for the coming year and beyond. This will help give some focus and purpose to your training. It can also help to keep you motivated when things get tough or life throws you an unexpected curve ball.


I look forward to seeing many of you at this years Kagami Biraki (New Years Training) which will be held at the Dojo on Saturday January 9th, 1 – 5 pm.


Happy Training,