The style of karate practiced at the Mukashi dojo is Chito-Ryu. It’s roots may be  traced back approximately one thousand years to the Tang Dynasty. Chito-Ryu was developed by Doctor Tsuyoshi Chitose, also known by many as O Sensei (the great teacher). He found that some of the basic stances as well as the old school training methods were detrimental to the body when practiced over many years. Therefore, he shortened the stances to take the pressure off the lower back, he modified some of the forms and indeed created some new ones, such that when practiced they would promote a more healthy body. He used his knowledge as a Doctor and based his new style on principles of anatomy and physiology.

Chito-Ryu traces its ancestry back to old Chinese martial arts of the Tang dynasty (618-907AD). Later, these martial arts, brought to Okinawa from Fukien Province of China, was passed on through the diligence and thoroughness of many past masters. O Sensei mastered the spirit and techniques of To-de which possesses a rich history and long tradition.

Furthermore, O Sensei studied the various Okinawa Te. One discipline, which originated in Shuri City, a town of nobles and samurai, was called Shuri no Te. In recent years Shuri no Te has become known as Shorin-Ryu. The second discipline, which originated in Naha City, a commercial town, was called Naha no Te. In recent years Naha no Te has become known as Shorei-Ryu.

O Sensei assimilated the essence of these so that he could enhance To-de among the Japanese martial arts. In addition, present day Chito-Ryu also incorporates a sound medical, physiological and scientific base in order to foster health in all, especially youth.