Striking Post – Nov / Dec 2017

Striking Post – Nov / Dec 2017


November 18th proved to be an important date in the history of Mukashi School of Karate. It was the date chosen to celebrate the 40th year of our existence. It was 40 years ago in the fall of 1977 that Paulette Landry Sensei opened the “Amirault`s Hill Karate Club”. She was the one who lit the spark and laid the foundation for our karate training; Train hard, never give up, always do your best, no compromises.  How could she possibly have known what an impact she would have on those students and how big a part karate would play in their lives.

We celebrated, of course, by hosting a clinic with the current head of our style in Nova Scotia, Mitchell German Sensei. The clinic was well attended by the Mukashi dojo and we were treated to Rohai-dai bunkai, which everyone enjoyed. Thank you to German Sensei. Following the clinic we had a tour of our beautiful dojo @ 1166 Hardscratch Rd. We sure have come a long way as far as the dojo is concerned and we are proud for people to come and see it.

We wrapped up the celebrations with a banquet, in Paulette Landry Sensei`s honor @ Rudders Seafood Restaurant in Yarmouth. We had a good mix of new and not so new students from throughout the years. We shared photos from our clubs activities during our 40 year history on a slide show which everyone enjoyed. We had a chance to catch up with old friends and share a few stories about training in the old days.

 Most of all it gave us the opportunity to properly thank Landry Sensei for having given us the chance to practice karate, for without her this would never have been possible. Paulette Landry Sensei`s photo now hangs proudly in Mukashi dojo, where it belongs. She holds a special place in the dojo as she does in all of our hearts.

Sincerely & Respectfully,

Milton Bourque

Go-Dan / Renshi