Striking Post – June 2018

Striking Post  – June 2018


   Well, another successful Yarmouth Karate Challenge Cup is in the books. Congratulations go out to all the winners and to the Windsor Karate Club who were, once again, triumphant in winning the Cup.

   I want to thank everyone, and there are many, who helped out in some way to ensure this tournament was a success. Firstly, I would like to thank all of the members of Mukashi Dojo for pitching in and doing whatever was necessary. From setting up, tearing down, hauling mats, running tables, officiating, making sandwiches, gathering sponsors, etc… And especially for picking up the slack when I really needed you, THANK YOU.

   A big thank you to Carey, Jason, and Greg and the rest of the tech team as well as everyone who helped at the tables. We certainly could not run a tournament without you. Thank you as well to Mitchell German Sensei and Randy Rix Sensei for putting on an excellent kumite clinic on Friday night, and to Randy Rix Sensei as well for providing all of the commentary for the live stream.

   Thank you to David Griffin Sensei for putting on the official`s clinic and organizing all of our officials at the tournament. Thank you also to all of the many officials who gave up their Saturday and time with their family to work at our tournament. Some, I know, travelled up to 5 hours to get here and it is very much appreciated, thank you. You all did a great job. This is evident by the fact that there were no serious injuries and our two medics had a relatively quiet day. Thank you to Jason and his wife for acting as the medical team.

   Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting us and enabling us to put on such a quality event.

   Thank you to my good friend Mr. Gary Walsh for all of his support and encouragement and for looking after the opening ceremony and many of the award presentations.

   Thank you to Gil Dares and to all of the Mariners Centre crew for your fine work in making our event look great. Also thank you to Nick Doucet for looking after the camera set up and the live streaming of the competitions.

   Thank you to Robert Sweeney and his students and David Griffin Sensei for participating in the demonstrations. Once again, they seem to have been well received by the spectators.

   Thank you to Eric Bourque of the local Vanguard newspaper and Kevin Northrup of radio CJLS for reporting/promoting our event.

   Lastly, I want to thank all of the parents and coaches for bringing and looking after the athletes and, of course, Thank You to all of the athletes who competed because without you there would be no tournament!

   This year`s tournament was more stressful than in past years due in part to events that occurred in the last few days leading up to the competition. I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by such great people. You make it all worthwhile. Thank You everyone and we`ll see you all next year back here in Yarmouth for another great Yarmouth Cup tournament.


Chair, Yarmouth Cup Organizing Committee,

Milton Bourque