New Ninja Turtles Division in Yarmouth

Everybody loves Ninja Turtles!

But here at the Mukashi Dojo the thinking has been that perhaps it is time that the division gets some upgrading.  We wanted to try and make it a little closer to the real thing.  To help the kids be more prepared for the transition into kumite.  

So we put our heads together and came up with some rough prototypes.  We put the belts up higher so the kids don’t always have their heads down.  We’ve added an extra belt to the back (worth 2 points as opposed to 1 point for each of the belts on the front).  This will hopefully discourage competitors from turning their backs to their opponent.

We tried it out at a small local tournament down here and it went pretty good.  I’ve added a few short clips of a couple matches below this post for you to take a look at and see what you think. 

At this tournament we only did 2 point matches.  Front flags were worth one point each and the rear flag was worth 2.  So if you got the rear flag the match was over. Also, if both competitors got a flag at the same time (or close) a point was awarded to each competitor.  However, we have decided it will be better to have 3 point matches with the rear flag being worth 2 points and the front flags being worth 1. 

Take a look.  

Match Duration: 1 Minute Stop Time.

Ring Size: 6×6 Mats (inside the Warning area).

Penalties will be called but will not count against competitors.

3 Points wins. 

Front flags worth one point each (Yuko)

Rear flag worth 2 points (Wazari)