All Programs For Mukashi school of Karate.

All programs Starting September 17, 2015 (Thursday).

Ages 5-7 years class time  5:15-6pm

8-12 years class time 6-7pm

regular adult class time 6-7:45pm

40 plus Beginners class 7:45-9:15pm

New students can wear loose fitting clothing ( clean t-shirts, shorts/gym pants.)

No jewelry Long hair must be up in a pony tail (no metal clips).

Toe nails and finger nails must be trimmed.

Cost: 5-7 $100 per term

8-12 $110 per term

13 plus $120 per term

All terms are 3months 1st term is from Sept to December.

2nd term is from January to March. 3rd term is from April to June.

Uniforms and training gear are available upon request.

All classes are at 1166 Hardscratch Rd, Brooklyn. Yarmouth  County.

Any questions please contact Sensei Milton Bourque @ 902-746-0026.